….and then there was Silence

…after silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible,  is music.     Aldous Huxley

Just a note to say Happy New Year to you all!

In this new year, I am getting use to being an emptying nester – no small task!  I enjoy the volume of my kids.  My son is THE FUNNIEST guy ever and keeps me in stitches.   My first born is loud, just plain loud….and I so miss that.  We text often but I don’t think there’s a volume control on texting – if so, I would crank her up!

My other daughter always has music playing.  She has introduced me to so many eclectic types of music.  She is also an artist – she sees the world is a different way- an amazing way.  She opens my eyes and my ears.

How very fortunate I am!

My kids are largely responsible for all the instruments that I play –  always trying new sounds.  I am working on a Band for my “other” kids at Church.  It has been a hoot trying out some bluegrass,  gospel, popular and old camp fire songs at Services.

I decided my next instrument will be an auto harp.  I remember playing this back at Ridgeview Elementary – is this school still opened??  gosh, I hope so!!!

So just a final thought – take time to be silent in this new year… and savor.  It is an inexpressible gift.  And then take time to make music, dance a jig and be happy!


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1 Response to ….and then there was Silence

  1. suelundphoto says:

    This is so wonderful!

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