I LOVE my job!I…

I LOVE my job!

I consider myself so fortunate to say, and mean, those words!

I haven’t blogged in while because I have been consumed by writing a music curriculum for a local Gifted and Talented institute.  I know now why they say, “keep a pencil and paper by your bedside”:  I get the best ideas in the wee hours of the morning!  We’ll be learning AND writing rhythm phrases- NEVER before attempted in this vast Region… well…maybe not so true …but we’ll have great fun and learn lots!  All without the use of a computer.  There’s a time and place for technology, but I want the kids to practice this the old fashion way, using pencil and paper and instruments!

I’m also using kazoo’s to teach ear–training.  If you can sing it – you can play it! That’s my hypothesis.  Stay tune for that blog!  I’m pretty sure this has never been attempted before….

Then we’ll branch off into music theory basics before we separate into groups.  I know I have 3 violin players, a couple guitar and 4 piano students already signed up.  This will be an ambitious curriculum but I think whether you are gifted or not, any music lover will take these learned skills with them for the rest of their days. They’ll be in a better position to applaud the music makers of the world because they themselves walked in those shoes this very summer!

As for me, I love my job!

Did you know:

Johann Sebastian Bach spent a month in jail! Bach wanted to leave the job he was in, but the duke who was his employer didn’t want him to leave. Ultimately their difference of opinion lead to the duke putting Bach in jail.

“But there is a difference between Bach and the average stubborn person: during the month he spent in jail, Bach wrote forty-six pieces of music — music that we still listen to three hundred years later.”

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