Why Teach Music?

Music is Science!

It is exact, specific. It contains charts, graphs, intersection points.  It incorporates frequencies, intensities, dynamics.  All this with the most exacting control of time.

Music is Math!

It is about patterns, subdivision of time, fractions… all rhythmically worked out on paper.

Music is a foreign language!

Terms are notated in Latin, Italian, German, French.    The semantics of music is the most complete and universal language.

Music is History!

Music reflects the environment, time period, even the geographical areas!

Music is Physical Education!

Music requires practiced coordination of fingers, hands, arms, diaphragm, back, stomach  – a whole host of muscles interacting with the mind.

Music is Art!

Music creates emotion!

Music is  the Social Sciences!

A wonderful setting to interact with all walks of life!

This is why I teach Music – what better way to touch a person’s heart and mind and make the world a better place everyday!

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