Music on the Farm!

Situated on the corner of Lakeville and Burnsville,  I have my farm.

This is the old farmstead from the 1920’s originally owned by the Postman, Willy Weed.   From stories I heard at Orchard Lake Elementary on it’s 80th anniversary (that’d be 15 years ago already!!), Willy was able to keep the farm during the Depression by having this second job.

Early settlers here were Scandinavians farmers, along with the Irish and the English “planting their roots”  from Hamilton Landing to Burnsville.  As I am both Scandinavian AND Irish (and a bit confused because of it!),  I have always felt that this place is my rightful place.

I love hearing the loons on Orchard Lake, the train whistles in the distance running north and south.  I can even smell when Abdullah’s Chocolate makes their carmel corn – the air ACTUALLY SMELLS SWEET!  When the children explode through the doors of OLE for recess,  the sound hits me like a wave!  It makes me smile…

Wonderful memories!

Hey! –  take some time today and think about how you got where you are and what a wonderful day it is because of it!

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