Payment in Full

I have worked with the most wonderful families, having never had an issue with payment  for teaching their children.  In fact, I have some stories to share:

Years back with my kids at home, I had a period of time balancing the whole work-family-thing.   I had  trouble getting checks into the bank in a timely fashion.  This habit ended abruptly AND promptly when  one piano-mom threaten to pay me in nickels!

Thank you Kris for not following through on that!  I got the check to the bank and Kris, the happy-camper, could finally balance her check book.  Alls well that ends well……..whew!!

I even had  Twins this summer that included 11 chicks with their payment.  What a treat!  We all LOVE the chickens and will be looking forward to fresh eggs in 2 months!

And lastly, I have one student whose mom decided her son should pay for the last 15 minute increment of his lesson.  It’s about money management and other important life lessons they’ve discussed.

So, for Tom’s part, he has paid me in full and with a quarter that looks like it had been in an explosion!  We can barely make out George’s head, absolutely no date, the ridges are gone…

I return this quarter to Tom every other lesson as change-back.  We have been doing this dance for well over a year now, laughing every time!  I am hoping I will end up with the quarter some day and I can return it to Tom on a momentous occasion in his life…..….

25 cents?  payment in full  ……  Memories?   priceless!

Thank you dear families –  you are the best!

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