Too Funny!!

Maddie and Kaitlyn know of each other in Burnsville Middle School – both very cute, oozing with personality! They got to talking the other day, comparing interests. Kaitlyn offers that she plays piano. Maddie replies enthusiastically, “I play guitar!” Kaitlyn says, “My music teacher has peacocks”, Maddie replies “me too!! but she also has sheep!” Kaitlyn cries, “OMG… My teacher has sheep and a goat!!!” Maddie cries, “MINE TOO!!!!!” After comparing the fine points of each others’ teacher, they realize: the teacher is one and the same!

This never ceases to make me laugh! How many music teachers are there in little old Lakeville MN who teach music… on a farm….with peacocks, sheep, a goat, chickens – everything but the partridge in a pear tree (pear trees can’t to survive MN winters…)

 I am so blessed to have such wonderful, funny, beautiful children for music – I am now teaching 7 days a week! I love every, single day because I am able to share my love of music… and my farm!

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