Feisty on the Farm a.k.a. Spring is in the Air!

Can you believe that it snowed on April 4th!!! This has been one LONG winter! But I gauge the seasons not by the weatherman (he said it was going to be 50!) but by the animals. The starlings and robins are back – just listen….we have not heard so many birds chirping with such gusto in a l…o…n…g time!

My rooster is strutting his stuff, protecting his turf! I have learned: NEVER turn your back on a Rhode Island Red. He is one sneaky chicken! We’re getting 1 egg a day from the hen too! Did you know a hen needs 8 hours of light to start laying eggs. SO, we now have 8 hours of light! Remember how it was dark at 4:30pm??!!

 As for me, I am still finding Easter eggs in the yard now that the snow is melting. It’s time to air out the house; the dog is crrrazy!!  AND the music kids, after Spring Break, have come back with renewed excitement in their attitude. This week has been such a pleasure doing lessons!

Stay tune for my blog about our Music Festival on the Farm! I’ve got kids from Lakeville, Burnsville, Savage, Farmington, Rosemount and Prior Lake performing. Instruments showcased are: piano, guitars, violins, cello, banjo with even a couple of duets…..and my clarinet player is actually going to play a carrot!           It’s gonna be STELLAR!!

 Also: Enjoy the video by Suzie Zehn who photographed Chester, my resident peacock. Now that’s an amazing Spring time attitude!

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